Scholarships & Financial Aid


MDC Scholarships

MDC (Macro Dimension Concrete Group) are provide full scholarships for AMTRC student. Scholarships are generally available and rewarded to students with the highest possible performance and result. Besides, 100% study loan can be acquired from Skills Development Fund Corporation (PTPK) which is inclusive of monthly allowance of RM400.


Student must be accepted into the academy, received offer letter from the academy.

Terms & Condition

Household income less than RM2,000 monthly
Must be registered as a full-time student
All outstanding registration fees must be paid; unpaid registrarion fees may result in the scholarship being withdrawn
Students are required to repay the scholarships amount, pro-rata, if he/she withdraw from course before completion
Must agree to work for MDC group and related companies upon course completion

Application Procedure

Fill in form and submit to the office.

Financial Aid

PTPK Loans

Skills Development Fund Corporation (PTPK) is a department under the wing of the Ministry of Human Resources. PTPK loan is a form of special loan to students who are studying skills programs at Government Training Providers (PLA) and Private (PLS) that obtain the approval and quota given by PTPK. PTPK provide loans for school leavers and workers.

PTPK Loan Requirements – For Applicant

The applicant must comply the following:
  • a. a Malaysian citizen;
  • b. at the eligibility age between 15 to 45 years for fulltime studies for skill Level 1 to 5;
  • c. the applicant is studying at Training Providers registered with PTPK;
  • d. the applicant is studying the Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) and DKM full time;
  • e. the applicant is not a school children or student taking courses in other IPTA or IPTS (Public or Private Institute of Higher Learning);
  • f. family monthly income is not more than RM5,000.
Do not receive any sponsorship or loan from government agencies or other financial institutions.
Programs or courses MUST be approved by PTPK.
The applicant MUST register with the Department of Skill Development (DSD)
The applicant shall open a CIMB Bank Conventional account.

PTPK Loan Requirements – For Guarantor

Only one Guarantor is needed.
Guarantor must be a Malaysian citizen and not declared bankrupt.
Aged 21 years old and above and not more than 50 years old when trainee starts training.
Monthly income must not less than RM700.
To submit ONE (1) copy of income evidence or latest payslip.
Guarantor is NOT allowed to guarantee more than two (2) trainees for PTPK Loan at one time.
Guarantor is NOT allowed to guarantee a new borrower in the event that the previous borrower still have arrears repayment.
If the guarantor is self-employed or has no payslip / salary statement, the guarantor must submit the income declaration form that is CERTIFIED by:
  • a. Employer
  • b. Village Headman / JKKK Chairman
  • c. Justice of the Peace (at Guarantor’s area)
  • d. Assemblyman
Form Statutory Declarations Act 1960 (Revised 1969) can be used if the guarantor does not have pay slips or to submit Financial Position Guarantor Declaration Form that is valid as in Para 7.
The Statutory Declaration Form can only be certified by:
  • a. District Judge
  • b. Magistrate
  • c. Commissioner for Oaths
If the Guarantor is the parent or legal guardian (for trainees aged 21 years old and below ONLY), the guarantor’s age condition and income will be excluded.